<![CDATA[thepluckyhaggis.com - NEWS & Updates]]>Mon, 13 May 2024 01:43:06 +0100Weebly<![CDATA[Testing Tempest Times Together]]>Thu, 10 Nov 2022 11:34:36 GMThttp://thepluckyhaggis.com/news/testing-tempest-times-togetherSummer's Quarterly Blog update didn't happen.  I wasn't in the best of places; struggling with significantly demanding home 'repairs', while desperately trying to keep my busking/gigging wheels on track.  LR blog update linked in the photo below, details more personal insight & highlights! 🥰
What I WILL stress here, is that I LOVE WHAT I DO, and the reason I do, is down to 'the many' who engage with me during performance; whether street busking, festivals, or gigs - 'you' apparently receive something 'you' consider worthy of appreciation, respect, delight, applause, amusement, emotional release, energy, encouragement, affirmation, or to be simply entertained.

Therefore I'm delighted to commit another year, at least fight for one, to continue this fabulous journey of discovery, contribution, and symbiotic partnership between Performer & Audience. Wherever, whenever, and however.  THANK YOU ALL for making much of this possible! Plucky 💖 tphx
<![CDATA[Ukraine - Freedom's Frontline]]>Sun, 10 Apr 2022 14:43:31 GMThttp://thepluckyhaggis.com/news/ukraine-freedoms-frontlineSongwriters, at times, have to write songs they'd rather wish they didn't have to, but feel compelled to.  This is most definitely one of those!  Early-on re the 'WAR' in Ukraine (which only started 24 Feb 2022), and struck by the brutality of it all, reminded me of a Scots folk song I cover time to time; Glencoe (The Massacre Of) by Jim McLean. Hence, the lyrical concept evolved.  Thankfully (arguably), Jim didn't respond to my permission request, to use his tune, thereby I was forced to write my own.
Few of us in the West can truly understand what's behind this awful situation; steroid paranoia of Democracy, fear of loosing control at home, some genuine hankering after some historic 'injustice', and restoration.  Probably an unhealthy mix of all that & more.  Absolutely no comfort to the MANY men, women, and children assaulted, wounded, displaced, & killed the name of 'a special military operation'.  For which, MANY Russians have no realistic concept re the devastation, destruction and death inflicted on their kindred neighbours, thus far too many SADLY support. 😞

While those 'few' who do OBJECT, even in the slightest, face severe punishment & imprisonment.  WE therefore, must do all we can in support & respect of our hard-earned 'Freedom' and STAND with those who face losing theirs!  Needless to say, I've been extremely moved & hence motivated by what I've seen... and hopefully reasonably articulated herein. Cheers! 💔 tphx
<![CDATA[Happy New YEAR - Onwards & UP!]]>Sat, 22 Jan 2022 12:39:19 GMThttp://thepluckyhaggis.com/news/happy-new-year-onwards-upA second, equally tough year for me, the music scene, and hospitality, but we survived, and welcome 2022, hopeful as ever - despite many life knocks!  And here's one of my highlights from 2021, after encountering a London Film Student in Bletchley, Milton Keynes.  Added to my New Channel Playlist, I've called "Plucky's Documentaries & Interviews", & av. on Web Page HD YT 9.
Quarterly Blog Update on LemonRock as ever, proffers more detail, but I delightfully secured & concluded my year with a NYE Gig @ 'Three Fyshes Restaurant & Bar,' Turvey, Beds. Despite Omicron & Gov Measures nearly forcing it to be pulled - due to many cancellations!  However, we all made compromises to 'get it away', and I did my best to Entertain those who braved 'the backdrop'; playing non-stop 4 & 1/2 hrs! A new Plucky record! 💖 tphx 
<![CDATA[9 YRS of Plucky Public Performance]]>Fri, 04 Jun 2021 11:31:49 GMThttp://thepluckyhaggis.com/news/9-yrs-of-plucky-public-performanceAn extra special Worthy Original, celebrating an extraordinary & exciting journey!  'Adventure (Land O' Discovery)' song 29; Nine years of Plucky Public Performance 29May2012 to 29May2021.  Arguably one of my best! 😁 Happy Anniversary me. 🥂 Enjoy!
Building on Plucky's busiest year for LIVE performance to-date, completing 150 BUSKING sessions in my last financial year. Paying the bills with this guitar, a reasonable vocal, and a positively motivated sunny disposition!  Join me on this voyage of discovery, subscribe to My YT Channel &/or tap into Plucky's Worthy Originals playlist for more!  Alt., follow Plucky on LemonRock for Blogs, Gigs, and view the latest 3 video uploads! 💖 tphx
<![CDATA[February 14th, 2021]]>Sun, 14 Feb 2021 13:00:00 GMThttp://thepluckyhaggis.com/news/february-14th-20212 New Originals: Divine & Promises
Nothing written in 2020; 'twas enough just to raise my game, hone my  200+ Rep, & go busking 128 dry days!  Now Plucky's Worthy Originals is 28; adding Divine (Heaven's Way), & Promises (my first co-write/collab'). Enjoy! 🤗
Both av. on the Web page: HD YouTube 8 Alternatively, subscribe to Plucky's YouTube Channelwww.youtube.com/channel/UC7b4mHOvowYDY0wOqdc-eqg Now entering my Ninth Year in music, I've launched a targeted campaign to officially produce, record, & release something; with an audacious target to CHART before my Tenth!  IF you want to support this plucky endeavour, please consider the following link: www.paypal.com/paypalme/goPlucky My ring-fenced production fund. Cheers! 💖 tphx
<![CDATA[Apocalyptic Pause & Repertoire 200!]]>Tue, 14 Apr 2020 14:33:46 GMThttp://thepluckyhaggis.com/news/apocalyptic-pause-repertoire-200With such a prolonged period of wet, windy, and stormy weather late autumn & winter, I made a concerted effort to successfully breach 200 songs in my Full Gigging Repertoire; av. on my WebSite, LemonRock, & Facebook.  Hope I get opportunities to perform again!
Apocalyptic Pause is Plucky's Worthy Original No. 26! Written in Nov. See how lyrically prophetic the song turned out to be, when related to what's befallen us in light of the Global COVID-19 pandemic. RAP with full Lyrics available in YouTube info. and Closed Caption (CC). Troubled times indeed - stay safe!  Plucky 💖 tphx
<![CDATA[TPH Gt. British Buskin' Birthday Tour]]>Mon, 07 Oct 2019 14:25:22 GMThttp://thepluckyhaggis.com/news/tph-gt-british-buskin-birthday-tour15 days - busked in 8 Cities/Towns en route; Northampton, Carlisle, Stirling, Aviemore, Aberdeen, Dundee, Newcastle, and Leicester. Spending quality time with 35/40 friends & family along the way, many of whom; fed, watered, & sheltered this 'auld' Haggis.. which incl. a birthday treat, visiting Hadrian's Wall & Fort in Cumbria, thanks to long-time friend Jeff Dixon. PERFECT! :)
Far too many highlights to mention, however, Carlisle/Cumbria surprisingly surpassed ALL expectations; they generously & warmly supported Plucky's busking, & Brampton Open Mic performances 1 wk L8r - lotta love here!  THANKS!

However, it was in Aberdeen, where I busked twice that The Plucky Haggis received an amazing, & extraordinarily detailed gift & card; re Plucky's Worthy Originals!  Few pics on this site, but full detail av. on my FB Tour & Superfan Album post.  Hopefully, I'll make two UK Tours in 2020, & perhaps include Wales!  tphx
<![CDATA[Plucky's Summer to Remember]]>Sun, 08 Sep 2019 15:15:25 GMThttp://thepluckyhaggis.com/news/pluckys-summer-to-rememberSunset on Towersey Festival Aug 23-26 2019 - My Perfect Summer Ending!
Following, Plucky's pivotal Private Wedding Anniversary & Garden Party Gig, end of Jun, I'd a super time on two stages at Fenny Poppers Festival - my 3rd consec' yr.  Then a tremendous Towersey!  Where I was delightfully honoured to help MC their Bar Stage. Introducing 11 superb acts during the course of a very Hot & fabulous BH w.e.  I EVEN managed to squeeze in a cheeky set, cunningly disguised as Friday's 'sound check' - that lasted an hour! 😎 Blog!
Busking regularly in Northampton, Milton Keynes, & Bedford. I just concluded Plucky's 1st Bletchley Busking Bandstand Gig, Sat past; perfect prep for my Kettering Debut @ The Olde Three Cocks - Brigstock 2019 Sat 14th Sep.  Before once more taking The Plucky Haggis on his annual Autumnal Home from Home Tour.  😁 Hast Ye Back!  CHEERS! Plucky 💖 tphx
<![CDATA[LR Blog update - Highs and Lows]]>Sun, 14 Jul 2019 11:32:42 GMThttp://thepluckyhaggis.com/news/lr-blog-update-highs-and-lowsTap on 'LR Blog link' to view; Plucky's past, present, & future highlights. With a respectful grumble, regarding Venue Communication - come on! 
  • Celebrating recent milestones, significant gigs, events, & moments
  • Song rep. over 160; Ron'/Cyrus, Capaldi, Adele, Train, The Zombies
  • Festival news: Fenny Poppers nr. MK, & Towersey Folk, Thame Oxon
  • Working on Plucky's FIRST UK Residency - perhaps @YOUR venue? 
  • July on' set for a Summer of Busking; & more filming work (just in! ;)
Enjoy a wonderful Summer of Life, Love, Music, & Sunshine. Cheers! tphx
<![CDATA[Rolling-out The Easter Haggis in MK]]>Mon, 22 Apr 2019 12:22:14 GMThttp://thepluckyhaggis.com/news/rolling-out-the-easter-haggis-in-mkAll 25 of Plucky's Worthy Originals have been added here, c/w internal Pg. links to view YouTube videos within my Website. OR subscribe to Plucky's YT Channel <--. Every vid has captions/subs, and most have a unique song-related backdrop. So you can find your favourites easily enough. Check 'em out!
This pic is from Easter's Sat gig @ IntuUK shopping centre in Milton Keynes where I performed with Full PA. You can tell by my game-face, Plucky means business! 'Twas a fabulous day, superb having so many kind & generous locals stop a while enjoying a slice of my 4+ hr. non-stop live performance of Originals & Covers.  Relaxing in the sunshine within the circle around me; in deckchairs Intu had laid-on, sat on the walling, or on the AstroTurf eating pizza!  Just chillin', while the non-stop river of life streamed on by, going about it's business through the malls. Just PERFECT! tphx